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RoundTrip between Magento and Procurement

Our Magento plugins take care of the roundtrip between Procurement and Magento. This enables your customer to fill a Magento shopping cart via Procurement in order to complete the orderdetails in Procurement. Procurement will then send an e-order to Magento. Finally the order gets processed in Magento and an e-invoice is created and sent to Procurement. This completes the RoundTrip or Procure 2 Pay process.

Punchout cXML and OCI Plugin for Magento to Procurement

The punchout plugin for Magento generates the correct SAP OCI or cXML format which the Procurement can process. The plugin takes over the normal checkout process and offers the customer single-sign-on to Magento from within Procurement. We take care of multiple concurrent sessions in order to prevent customers seeing eachothers shoppingcart.

Punchout level 2 In-Store Search inside Procurement

The In-Store search module for Magento enable Procurement users to query your Magento PunchOutCatalogs for B2B products and services without the need to open a seperate screen. This benefits you because your products and services from your Magento PunchOut Catalog show up first in plain sight of your buyer.

Receiving eOrders from Procurement into Magento

All electronic orders sent by Procurement to your Magento PunchOutCatalogs / Webshop, are captured and processed by the Vurbis eOrder Magento plugin. The processing of eOrders sent from Procurement happen each X minutes and are created in your Magento PunchOut Catalog / Shop. The eOrders can have different cXML formats and are captured by the Magento eOrder plugin of Vurbis. The formats used here are cXML, UBL, cXBL, Biztalk and EDI (a summary of supported techniques by the Magento eOrder plugin of Vurbis can be found at the bottom of this page).

Generating e-Invoices within Magento or your ERP and sending it to Procurement

When the eOrder within Magento or ERP is processed, the eInvoice module for Magento of Vurbis can create an electronic invoice and sent it to Procurement. By sending invoices electronically towards Procurement, payment deadlines are decreased substantially giving your organization a better liquidity. The invoices created by the Magento eInvoice module are formatted by default in cXML but you can do EDI-VANS-UBL 2.0.- XML- CSV actually all. Within your Magento PunchOutCatalogs / shop you can monitor the eInvoices sent to Procurement. The Magento plugin will send them on a regular time schedule.

Magento quote module for Procurement

When a product is created specifically for the Procurement customer, the quote module for Magento from Vurbis will send a single quote to the customer. A single time order or special price may occur for this product or maybe the price is not always fixed in your Magento PunchOutCatalogs. You can then assign an attribute that activates the quote button whereby the Procurement orderer first requests a quote for this product. With the Magento quote module from Vurbis you can monitor the status of a request, preventing orders getting lost. For example is this quote used, or does the Procurement orderer still need a price to be sent to his e-mail address? An indispensable addition to Procurement orderers and so your Magento shop.

Integration of your courses- , curriculum system and teaching materials with Procurement and Magento

When an organization using Procurement also have a thirdparty application for teaching materials, they might want to order these in the Procurement procurementsystem via the Magento Cartrule module from Vurbis. With the push of a button in your courses-curriculum system a free voucher is linked to the order and the employee seing the required product as a free product in their shoppingcart. A specific eOrder will be sent to Procurement for verification and approval. (please contact us for more details on this feature).

Magento and subscription management directed by Procurement

Subscriptions used by the organization using Procurement often are left out of the Supply Chain method and forthat uncontrollable. By using the Magento subscription module from Vurbis, a unique process can gain control of your outstanding subscriptions within one renewal cycle (most cases one year). This can yield a 75% savings on your subscription to magazines, journals, newspapers and industry-specific publications. The combination of Procurement and the Magento subscription module from Vurbis offers you a clear insight and manageability on subscriptions.

Get in control!

Tired of looking around for the best solution? We got the medicine! All-inclusive Punchout cXML/OCI stacked with amazing features.

Full Roundtrip

Enables seamless and automated punchout to go connection between Magento and Procurement.

Punchout OCI Format

Turn your standard Magento checkout-page into a cXML OCI format shoppingcart which can be sent to Procurement.


Receive eOrders inside your Magento webshop and processes these automatically as real B2B orders.


Our solutions can be integrated by using our API's.

OCI Internal Searchengine

Make your products from Magento directly traceable in Procurement without the need to first open your Magento webshop.

Electronic Invoicing

Create and sent automatically Magento invoice, electronically to Procurement. You get paid considerably faster.

Open Product Request

Collects and manages the free applications. This prevents that orders being placed outside the procurement process.

Quote Management

Enables the customer to request products outside of the assorment but yet within the procurement process.

Connect your library

Order directly from your library,- courses systeem yet via procurement.



About us

We are Vurbis Interactive, we develop and consult in Punchout cXML and OCI Procurement Procurement B2B solutions for your Magento, your suppliers, or your customers. Today, low cost, non-invasive online services delivered via the cloud are leveling the playing field, giving a small, regional wholesale distributor to have the same online capabilities as Amazon!

User friendly!

Gives the purchasers a webshop experience while keeping the store identity intact.

Punchout Catalog

Transform your Magento webshop into a full cXML OCI Punchout Catalog with our plugin and give purchasers a webshop experience like consumer webshops have.


Finish order in your procurement systeem

Procurement Purchase

Transport the shopping cart to Procurement in order to enable purchasers to complete the order with costcenter or budget, and sent back to you.


Receive the electronic order in your webshop.


With the Magento plugin you can receive the eOrders and process them directly into your webshop. (cXML, Ubl, BizTalk etc.)


Faster payment by electronic invoicing.


Send your invoice electronically from Magento to Procurement. You receive payments faster and no errors will occur. Eventually you can import these invoice directly into your book keeping.

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